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‘Anti-Stat’ is a PVC Flooring designed for areas where sophisticated electronic & telecommunication equipments, computers, etc. are manufactured, used and stored which are likely to get affected due to formation and accumulation of static charges. Anti-Stat is ideal for Computer Rooms, Radar Stations, CAT Scan Centres, ICU’s, Operation Theatres, X-Ray Rooms, Telephone Exchanges, Electronic Industries, etc.
  Installation Procedure
    Full spread adhesion method using Royal House recommended adhesive and Installation procedure as per Royal House installation manual.
• Clean the surface daily with a damp mop and weekly or fortnightly with mild soap     solution.
    • Use water to remove chemical spillage on the flooring.
    • Do not throw lighted cigarette butts or match sticks on the floor.
    • Avoid dragging heavy objects to prevent scratches.