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  Royal Star
ROYAL STAR looks good
Royal Star has a range of classic floors...
Elegant, refined designs with decorative chips that blend beautifully with any interior.
ROYAL STAR is practical
Taking care of Royal Star floors is very easy: a quick wipe with a floor-cloth and they are clean.
ROYAL STAR is comfortable
Supple and warm, even borefoot, it is a real pleasure to walk on.
ROYAL STAR is quiet
Thanks to their suppleness, vinyl floors absorb most of the 'impact noise' created by walking on them... Soundproofing and comfort guaranteed every day.
Royal Star floors are among the toughest surfaces around, providing excellent resistance to normal wear and tear and stains.
ROYAL STAR is the right choice
Excellent value for money, quick and easy to install, economical to maintain.
ROYAL STAR is top of the line Vinyl flooring conforming to International Standards.
Technical Specifications
NRD A 102 - Sea Green NRD A 103 - Volcano
NRD A 115 - Redeo NRD A 105 - Golden Touche NRD A 106 - Nimbus Grey
NRD A 107 - Silver Sands NRD A 108 - Classic Grey NRD A 109 - Sapphire
NRD A 110 - Blue Water
NRD A 112 - Ivory Coast NRD A 114 - Soft Glow  
Properties Ref. Test Method Specified Values
  Thickness EN 428 2.0 mm
  Weight EN 430 Approx 3300 g/m2
  Residual Indentation EN 433 <0.1 mm
  Dimensional Stability EN 434 < 0.4 %
  Co lour fastness to Daylight IS-9766-1981 To pass grade 4
  Abrasion Resistance ISO 9352 <0.35 cc
  Resistance to spread of   flame RDSO C-8515 Rev-2 Passes
  Moisture movement
IS-3462-1986 Appendix <0.4%
  Chemical Resistance EN 423 Resistant
  Castor Chair Resistance EN 425 Suitable
  Residential Class EN 685 21-23 heavy
  Commercial Class EN 685 31-34 very heavy
  Industrial Class    EN 685 41-43 heavy
* Also available in 1.5mm thickness
Installation Procedure
Full spread adhesion method using Royal House recommended adhesive and Installation procedure as per Royal House installation manual.
• Clean the surface daily with a damp mop and weekly or fortnightly with mild soap     solution.
  • Use water to remove chemical spillage on the flooring.
  • Do not throw lighted cigarette butts or match sticks on the floor.
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects to prevent scratches.

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