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Octavia - Granite Beige Octavia - Granite Blue


Hard Wearing Transport Flooring

  • Custom made for TATA Motors Ltd.
  • Superior flooring with hardwearing clear top film
  • Gloss scrim for dimensional stability
  • Proprietary embossing for slip resistance
  • 400 microns of pure PVC wear layer for added durability
  • Customized designs avaliable

Technical Specifications

Properties Ref. Test Method STD. Value
Thickness EN428 1.8 MM
Wear Layer thickness EN429 0.4 MM
Weight EN430 2.6KG/
Width/length of sheet EN426 2 MTR/20 MTR
Indentation EN433 <0.1 MM
Dimensional Stability EN434 <0.4%
Flexibility EN435 PASS 20 MM MENDREL
Classification EN649 32 - 41
Castor Chair
EN425 Suitable
Fire Resistance IS 15061:2002 Passes
Electrical Behavior EN1815 <2KV
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 R9
Abrasion Resistance EN660-2 Group T
Resistance to Chemicals EN423 GOOD