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Royalsafe Standard
ROYALSAFE STANDARD provides long-life slip resistance with a deep inlay of Carborundum granules. Its durability boasts of a K5 wear rating, which is ideal for heavy traffic areas. Royalsafe Standard has high PVC content for maximum flexibility that facilitates easy installation and welding to spread a seamless surface. The product undergoes anti-bacterial and fungicidal treatment for extra hygiene.
• High-quality vinyl throughout
• Silicon carbide and coloured quartz -
   surface layer
• Glas fibre reinforcement
• 1 mm Wear Layer
Typical areas of use :
• Shower floors and tubs
• Concrete Floor Coating
• Pool Safety
• Tile & Stone Flooring
• Ramps, Steps & Docks
• Garage, Factory & Bakery Floors
• Entryways
• Locker rooms
• Restaurants
• Tube stairs and flooring
NRH 601 - Beige NRH 602 - Winter Sea NRH 603 - Lighting Sky
NRH 604 - Silver Sand NRH 605 - Peach Sky NRH 606 - Indian Earth
NRH 607 - Coastal View NRH 608 - Maroon NRH 609 - Winter Moon
NRH 610 - Rainforest NRH 611 - Ocean Breeze NRH 612 - Terracota
Technical Specifications
Property Symbol Standard Specified Value
Total Thickness EN428 2.00 MM
Wear layer Thickness EN429 1.00 MM
Weight EN430 2.7KG /
Width/Length of Sheet EN426 2 MTR. / 20 MTR.
Indentation EN433 <0.1 MM
Dimensional Stability EN434 <0.4%
Flexibility EN435 PASS 20 MM
European Product Norm EN649 / EN685 34-43
Classification 'K'     K5
Fire Rating EN13501-1 Bfi-S1
Electrical Behaviour
(Body Voltage)
EN1815 <2KV
Slip Resistance DIN 51130 R10
Abrasion Resistance TABER ISO 9352
H18 1000 Cycles
200 MG
Resistance to Chemicals EN423 GOOD
Anti-Bacterial and Fungicidal Treatment   DONE
Installation should be carried out in accordance with local standards. Subfloor to be smooth, hard, clean and dry prior to laying. Where applicable, the subfloor must incorporate an effective damp proof membrane. The material must be allowed to acclimatize for 24 hours before installation in a room temperature of between 18-24oC. All seams must be welded using Royal House matching welding rods.
Maintenance should be carried out regularly to retain the appearance and durability of the floor. The floor covering should be maintained with regular sweeping and damp mopping, more intense cleaning should be carried out periodically by cleaning using a red pad with a mild neutral cleanser.