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NRA220A101 (2.2mm) / NRA160A101 (1.6mm) - Beige NRA220A151 (2.2mm) / NRA160A151 (1.6mm) - Dark Grey
NRA220A104 (2.2mm) / NRA160A104 (1.6mm) - Light Blue NRA220A106 (2.2mm) / NRA160A106 (1.6mm) - Navy Blue
NRA220A102 (2.2mm) / NRA160A104 (1.6mm) - Green NRA220A107 (2.2mm) / NRA160A107 (1.6mm) - Grey
NRA220A103 (2.2mm) / NRA160A103 (1.6mm) - Craft Brown NRA220A108 (2.2mm) / NRA160A108 (1.6mm) - Terracotta
NRA220A105 (2.2mm) / NRA160A105 (1.6mm) - Rustic Brown NRA220A109 (2.2mm) / NRA160A109 (1.6mm) - Korunde Grey

ROYALBUS SONATA is the perfect solution for the discerning bus and coach builders and fleet owners who want flooring to be at most safe yet be aesthetically pleasing SONATA offers range of lively colors to match interiors. Carefully selects chips add to the beauty-Silicon Carbide granules and special embossing provide ultimate anti-slip surface. And all this is for years.

Why ROYALBUS SONATA is better than other flooring options?

It is much lighter hence better fuel efficiency.
It provides sound and heat insulation - more comfort for passengers
It is more slip resistant - safety of passengers
Available in range of design and colors - better aesthetics

The Wear layer of over 1000 microns makes it very durable.

ROYALBUS SONATA is the top of the Vinyl flooring conforming to International standards.


The pure PVC wear layer coupled with the silicon carbide granules and fiber interlayer, not only responsible for the long life wear of the product but also its dimensional stability.

Slip Resistant

Slip resistance is excellent due to the surface graining and the distribution of silicon carbide granules.

Easy to maintain

This is because of a densely compacted non-porous surface.


Through-thickness coloration promotes a wide selection of highly original decors.


Underfoot quietness and comfort is greatly enhanced by unique proprietory surface texture.

Quick to install

The flexibility of the floor covering means that it is to lay. It takes roughly half the time as compared to Aluminum flooring.

Technical Specifications (2.2 mm)

Properties Ref. Test Method Specified Values
  Dimension (width X length) EN 426 2.0 mtr X 15 mtr
  Apparent Thickness EN 428 2.20+/- 0.15 mm
  Wear Layer Thickness EN 429 1050U
  Weight EN 430 2.70+/- 0.15 KG/SQM
  Dimensional Stability EN 434 <0.2 %
  Abrasion Resistance Taber ISO 9352
H18 - 1000 Cycles
200+/- 50mg
  Slip Resistance DIN 51130 R10
  Sound Dampening   Characteristics ISO 717/2 Delta = 5DB
  Low Temperature
IS: 3462-86 Passes, No Crack,
No Break
  Fire Class RDSO C-8515 REV.2 Passes
  Resistance to Chemicals DIN 5 1958 EN 423 Passes
Also available in 1.6mm thickness

Installation Procedure

Full spread adhesion method using Royal House recommended adhesive and Installation procedure as per Royal House installation manual.


  • Clean the surface daily with a damp mop and weekly or fortnightly with mild soap solution.
  • Use water to remove chemical spillage on the flooring.
  • Do not throw lighted cigarette butts or match sticks on the floor.
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects to prevent scratches.