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To floor ardent followers of master compositions, you need the Symphony from Royal House.

Here's one Symphony that can last a lifetime to enthrall generations. It has a well-orchestrated ensemble of chips that flows in mesmerizing patterns. Be it colours, aesthetics, durability or cost...everything sounds just perfect!

• 1 mm Wear-Layer
   For Enhanced Durability
• Glass Fibre Web
   For Dimensional Stability
• Polyurethane Reinforcement (PUR)
   For Maintenance Free Performance
  For Heavy Traffic Areas
• Childern's Activity Zones
• Schools
• Restaurants
• Shopping Malls
NRE201 - Good Luck NRE202 - Lion's Mane NRE203 - Electric Blue
NRE204 - Royalty NRE205 - Parakeet NRE206 - Jungle Green
NRE207 - Prosperity NRE208 - Angelica NRE209 - Castle Red
NRE210 - Medallion NRE211 - Jonquil NRE212 - Oriental Pearl
NRE213 - Wander Lust NRE214 - Blue Chip NRE215 - Butterfly
Technical Specifications
Properties Reference Standard Specified Value
Thickness EN 428 2.0 mm
Wear Layer Thickness EN 428 1.0 mm
Weight EN 430 3200 gms/m2
Residual Indentation EN 433 <= 0.1 mm
Dimensional Stability EN 434 <= 0.4%
Light fastness ISO 105-B02 >= 6 grade
Abrasion loss
[1000gms/1000cycles H-18 wheels]
ISO 9352 200 ± 50 mg
Fire Resistance
DIN 4102
RDSO C-8515 Rev-2
B1, hardly flammable.
15 seconds max.
Sound Absorption DIN 52210 4 db
Exposure to chemicals EN 423 Resistant
Castor Chair resistance EN 425 Suitable
Classification EN 685 34-43
Note : The specified value will be within tolerance limits as given in the test method. Colours may vary marginally from the displayed samples depending on process conditions.
Installation Procedure
Full spread adhesion method using Royal House recommended adhesive and Installation procedure as per Royal House installation manual.
• Clean the surface daily with a damp mop and weekly or fortnightly with mild soap     solution.
  • Use water to remove chemical spillage on the flooring.
  • Do not throw lighted cigarette butts or match sticks on the floor.
  • Avoid dragging heavy objects to prevent scratches.